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You see other students get excellent grades..

yet your child is NOT getting the same results?

I am a mother myself and this is one of the most painful feelings that you can experience. You have high hopes for your child and want your child to excel in school, but it just doesn’t turn out that way. And it hurts more when you see other children doing much better.

I know that it is not about "beating" the other kids in class (learning is more than just exam grades), but you just do not want your child to suffer being the “struggling student” and grow up with a low self esteem, traumatised by school.

You wish your child LOVE Math & Science

and is motivated to study.

Students tend to do well for subjects that they love. True, BUT here is the thing - they love those subject because those subjects just "click" with them. And your child is no different. And if you child is poor at math & science, chances are, your child will tell you that math & science are "difficult", have "boring teachers", "noisy class" and all other excuses.

You want your child to feel motivated, do more practices and get better at Math & Science but these are not happening because your child "hate" Math & Science

You wish you could BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILD all the time.

Ask yourself - How many hours do you have with your child every day? Surveys have shown that parents spend approximately 7 to 15 hours with their children in a week (7 hours are probably the fathers, right?). That is an average of only 1 to 2 hours of parent-child interaction each day.

And with the high cost of living, you may not have the luxury of resigning from your work to be with your child at home, and even if you could, you may not have the SKILLS to help them with their school work (oh yes, we have overzealous parents who taught their child all the wrong things at the wrong times, and at the other extreme, we know of parents who simply leave the teaching to the school).

So what your child needs is an EFFICIENT LEARNING STRATEGY to get your child to achieve in school. In fact, top students do NOT spend more time studying than your child, they simply adopt a BETTER and MORE EFFICIENT LEARNING STRATEGY that enable them to Study Less Yet Learn More.

You don't know WHERE TO START.

“My child is FAILING in so many subjects, I just don’t know where to start. I feel HELPLESS!”

“I have sent my child for tuition, yet the results are still UNSATISFACTORY! This is FRUSTRATING!”

“My child HATES math & science, LAZY and UNMOTIVATED!”

"My child works so hard, but is still STRUGGLING!"

Sounds familiar?

School is becoming more and more demanding. When I looked at my primary 1 daughter's school work I found that she was taught more things in school and some of the things being taught in school today did not even exist when we were students back then. You are probably struggling to keep up with what your child is learning, making your feel helpless and frustrated.

We have heard a lot of such out-pours from parents, and as a mother myself, I totally understand how you feel.

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To The Problems Above

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Hi, my name is Idamurni Jamari

and I am the founder of YMS EduTech Learning Hub. We specialise in helping students get two-grades improvement in less than three months in Math & Science.

With more than 12 years with MOE specialising in teaching Chemistry, being an ICT Mentor for teachers, and founding YMS EduTech, I have helped many students achieve their academic goals in school and life.

I graduated with a Master in Chemistry from NUS and Post Graduate Diploma in Education from NTU-NIE and my students' education and academic performance are key priorities to me.

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"At the beginning of the year, Aslam did not do so well in his Math and I got to know of YMS EduTech. After a few months with YMS EduTech, I saw changes in him and he showed more interest in the subject and it was one of the reasons why he did well for the subject"

Mother of Muhammad Aslam, O-Level Top Student, Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah

"I love to attend classes at YMS EduTech classes because the teacher explained to me clearly. There were hands-on experiments which helped me and my friends to understand concepts. I got 'C' grade for my Primary 6 SA1 Math and with YMS EduTech's help, I got 'A' for SA2 and PSLE."

Puteri Nur Alyssa, 'A' for PSLE Math

"Parents' HAPPINESS, Our Pride"

“I am sure that my children enjoy going to YMS EduTech so I am not worried when they go for class. They are very motivated to learn. I would like to thank YMS EduTech for tutoring my children. They speak highly of the organisation that they look forward to going to tuition every week. Thank you for the dedication that was given to my children especially to my son who is sitting for PSLE. They also enjoyed the practical Science that was held by the tutors at times. YMS really make the difference in my children’s interest in their studies. Thank you very much and appreciate your help with our children.”

Mdm Zarinah Hough, from 'C' to 'A' in PSLE Math

"YMS EduTech Gave My Child A
Chance To REFLECT On What He
Learns. Really AWESOME!"

“YMS EduTech did a lot for me, inspired us to do more. We reflected on what we learnt and we could provide clear examples. When the exam was nearing, YMS EduTech prepared us for our exams through practices and gave us feedback on our work and from our work, advised us on the topics that we should focus on and study."

Hamzah, 'A' in O-Level Science

Haziq Didie, 'A' for N-Level &
Direct Poly Admission

"Learning Culture That MAKES A

"At YMS EduTech, she was exposed to a variety of carefully selected Chemistry and Physics problems. She was encouraged to discuss her thoughts about the questions with her tutors.  Her confidence and guidance from her tutors made her score A1 in Science Chemistry and Physics."

Haziqah, Direct admission to 2nd Year Nanyang Technological University Aeronautical Engineering

"And Our Philosophy Surrounding

"YMS EduTech provided an Islamic environment that motivated me to be closer to Allah, to do well and stay focused. It also helped to maintain my faith and not to go astray."

Syafinaz, from 'C' to Distinction for O-Level Science

Award Recipient"

"The Math tutor teach how to solve challenging math using a easy-to-follow method”

Muhd Raqib, 'A' in PSLE Math and Scholarship Winner

"YMS EduTech Went BEYOND
With All The PERSONAL Guidance"

"YMS EduTech emphasised the key concepts in Math and Science to the students in a very interesting way, such as through mindmaps and memory cards. With these, I found the joy in learning these subjects, which further sparks my interest.”

Abdul Hadi, Double Distinctions, 'A' in O-Level Math and Science

"Be AHEAD Of The Rest -
Foundation Programme"

“We will like to express our gratitude to YMS EduTech for their help & influence given to our daughter, Nur Rif'ah. Rif'ah was well guided for her science, especially Chemistry, which made a tremendous improvement. From grade B4, Rif'ah scored distinction for her 'N' level which enabled her to get accepted for PFP at Nanyang Polytechnic. Thank you once again for making such a great difference in a student's educational journey.”

Mdm Rozida, parent of Nur Rif'ah Zulkiflie 'A' for N-Level

"I failed my maths for almost every test or exams even though I felt that I have put in effort to study and tried to pay a close attention in class. Most of the time I had no confidence and felt demoralised by my classmates who were able to pass with flying colours. I was so annoyed, frustrated and kept calling myself stupid for not getting a pass.

I am currently a Year 1 student in Nanyang Polytechnic. I'm pursuing Diploma in Space and Interior Design. Being able to go through PFP and skipping Secondary 5 was the best opportunity. I am able to pursue my dreams and studies with just an N-Level certificate. I am fortunate to be in this path as some of my friends are still struggling to get in a diploma course. Nevertheless, I should continue to work hard and never give up to achieve my goals.

YMS EduTech provides quality individual consultation which helps me better understand certain topics I am weak at. They simplified their teachings in a way that I could totally understand the whole concept and able to resolve a problem with knowledge. Another bonus is YMS EduTech applies the practices in Islam during our lesson such as reciting the doa before and after class and also allowing me to perform my prayers before lesson."

Hazirah Amir, 'A' for N-Level Math, Direct Poly Admission

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